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Currently the train departs from Spontin Station and runs to Ciney. There is currently no access to the train at Ciney due to renovations. The train then returns to Spontin before travelling onto the current end of the line at Bauche. The train then returns to Spontin with an overall journey time of 1½ hours for the round trip.

  • ONLY on Sunday 2 April 2023

Come celebrate our 31st season with us aboard the Tain des sorciers and receive a free drink!
Come aboard an authentic historic train (1950s panorama train or a 1930s train) for a tour of the Bocq Valley.

Thanks to the help of La Brasserie du Bocq,

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receive a free drink and why not, come and taste a special beer, the …



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Travaux à Bauche – janvier 2023

Début janvier, les travaux se sont poursuivis à Bauche sous une météo capricieuse. La petite équipe de bénévoles a procédé au montage et à la mise en place de la première partie de l’aiguillage d’entrée de Bauche.     Photos : Pierre Lefebvre, Raymond Degraeve, Aurélien Daenen

Travaux de maintenance dans la courbe sous le viaduc de la E411

En prévision de la saison touristique 2023, nos bénévoles ont procédé au démontage des rails dans la courbe située sous le viaduc de la E411. Suite aux circulations et trains spéciaux de ces dernières années, l’usure des rails à cet endroit était devenue trop importante pour permettre de circuler en toute sécurité. Le long travail…

Discover the Bocq Valley aboard an old-fashioned train

The Travellers’ Choice award recognises a selection of accommodation, attractions and restaurants that consistently demonstrate excellence in hospitality and are listed in the top 10 on TripAdvisor.

We have achieved this distinction,
– It is thanks to you, the tourists, the day-trippers, the train enthusiasts, THANK YOU!
– It is thanks to you, the volunteers of the association who, every day, do everything possible to welcome our visitors, THANK YOU!

We will continue to improve to welcome you even better!

Come aboard an authentic panoramic railcar from the 1950s for a guided ride through the Bocq valley, or join one of our special events such as a gastronomic meal served on board the train or a meeting with Saint-Nicolas and many others. Departing from Spontin station, the journey of about 1h30 will first take you to Ciney (no access at present) before returning to Spontin and pursuing to Bauche, the present end of the line. From Bauche, the train returns to Spontin, the end of the journey. Our four-legged friends are welcome aboard.

Are you a group or a company? Whether you are 30 or 300, we have also solutions for you, whether it be a birthday, a staff party, an incentive, a private photo safari or any other event… Visit our page “Groups and private events” or contact us: [email protected] – Are you a photographer or film producer? Our scenic railway line and our historic material can be made available to you for your films or photos. Please contact us: [email protected].

The #1 Thing to Do in Spontin, Belgium

yearly festival (Aug 2022)

Well done guys and girls another super weekend, enjoyed the photo safari, the trains and hospitality. All presented safely and professionally, can’t wait til next year. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

– Paul Jessett, Facebook "Le Chemin de Fer du Bocq - Ligne 128 / Spoorlijn 128"
"Delicious meal"

We were very happy to attend to this first experience to enjoy delicious meal in this train. We appreciate very much the organisation of this event and the kindness of all the volunteers. It also was very interesting to receive all the informations about this railway line by competent persons. Nice to attend to the future experiences.

– Daniel D., Tripadvisor
"Passionate with what they do"

I think the greatest thing in the whole experience was to meet people passionate with what they do, trying to communicate to you everything they can. Kind, helpful, with humor, a bit from the "past"; please keep it that way!

– Yiannis P., Google Reviews
"Very friendly people"

Super activity! Very enthusiastic volunteers at work. By buying a ticket for the train you immediately support our heritage. Very friendly people, explanations in French and in Dutch. The possibility to have a drink in the old station before or after your trip.

– Rosanne L., Google Reviews
"Glorious day out in Bocq" - yearly festival (August 2022)

A super day out, friendly staff, and a beautiful train ride through some stunning scenery. €14 for all day is a bargain. Nice air conditioned bar car on train with selection of beers.

– pauljayLondon, TripAdvisor