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Walloon Region grant for the Chemin de Fer du Bocq

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This year, the Walloon Father Christmas was very generous with the Chemin de Fer du Bocq.

On 22 December, the Walloon Government, on the initiative of the Minister for Tourism, Valérie De Bue, approved a subsidy of 1,300,000 euros for the development and perpetuation of line 128, known as the “Chemin de Fer du Bocq”.

This subsidy will enable the following projects to be carried out in the coming years :

  • The amplification of the Spontin station: due to its central position in the heart of the Bocq Valley, the Spontin station is the best located, geographically and touristically the most appropriate to develop activities related to the line (events, catering, departure for other tourist activities, …).
  • The creation of a boarding track at Ciney: it is envisaged to create a double track in order to allow the locomotive to turn around and return to the front of the train. The aim is to provide passengers with an additional access point to the Chemin de Fer du Bocq, thanks to the creation of a real, safe boarding platform. Currently, passengers have to board at Spontin station.
    The reopening of Evrehaille-Bauche station and the link to Yvoir: the project provides for the repair of the track at Evrehaille-Bauche station in order to reopen it and create a double track. It is also planned to create a central platform between the two tracks to allow passengers to get off and/or on at Evrehaille-Bauche station in complete safety.

This is a wonderful end of year present!

The Board of the “Patrimoine Ferroviaire et Tourisme” (asbl which manages the Chemin de Fer du Bocq) would like to thank the public authorities, represented by the Minister of Tourism, Valérie De Bue, for their confidence and interest in our beautiful railway line and its tourist potential the volunteers of the association who have worked many hours to prepare this subsidy application.

More information will be shared later, but do not hesitate to consult the press release published on the Walloon Government website

We wish you all a very happy holiday season!


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